Home Dash

Home Dash 8

Flexible, functional full screen browsing for Firefox 4


  • Use Firefox in full screen
  • View content of tabs very easily
  • No restart required


  • Nice idea, but not quite there yet


Home Dash is an add-on for Firefox 4 that gives you full screen with all the functionality of a normal screen view.

Full screen options for browsing are excellent for letting you get the most from your web pages, but you often have to leave full screen view in order to actually do anything. Home Dash aims to overcome this problem by overlaying your full screen with a dashboard that gives you access to your pages and search.

Once you have Home Dash installed (helpfully, this add-on doesn’t require a restart), you’ll see your screen in full view. Hit ctrl + L or roll over the very faint Firefox logo in the top left corner. Immediately, you’ll see thumbnail views of your open tabs and pages (up to 25 tabs), as well as a search box that can be customized with a variety of search engines.

Home Dash's thumbnails are fully functional – you can browse through them, right-click for more options and more. If you close pages by clicking on the X in the top right of pages, you’ll see that Home Dash arranges them in layers, so if you have a lot of open pages, it’s not the most efficient way of closing the browser.

Home Dash can be customized in various ways, mainly via hotkeys and keyboard combinations that you can find out more about here. Once you have these down, it will add a lot to your experience of using this add-on. Before you get to grips with it, however, Home Dash can seem a little bit jumpy and unpredictable.

Home Dash is an interesting add on for Firefox 4 that’s perfect for users who like using a full screen view when browsing.

Home Dash


Home Dash 8

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